Teach Me Your Will

Teach me to do your will, for You are my God; Your Spirit it good. Lead me in the land of uprightness. Psalm 143:10

Here are some further questions to ask yourself regarding God’s will.
•  Do you have a sanctified desire? Is this desire to satisfy a lust of the flesh or a Spirit-filled desire to see God’s Kingdom established. Check your motives.

•  Is it reasonable? God expects us to think. His guidance may transcend human reasoning, but it never excludes it. God doesn’t bypass your mind; He operates through it. We are warned in the Scriptures not to put our minds in neutral. We are to think and practise what we know to be true.

•  Does a realistic opportunity exist? Closed doors are not always meant to be knocked down. Sometimes they could be God’s way of telling you to either turn around or wait. If a realistic opportunity exists and all other factors are in agreement, then trust God and take a confident step. Remember, opportunities could open with great opposition.

•  Have you sought spiritual counsel? Be careful not to consult only those who agree with you. Give your advisers permission to ask hard questions. Don’t be afraid of “no” answers. If it isn’t God will, don’t you want to know before you make the mistake of acting impulsively?

•  Do you have peace about it? This inner peace within your heart that gives you an assurance of the Lord’s presence in your undertakings. If you have been able to answer yes to all these deciding factors, what are you waiting for?

Prayer: Lord, give me the courage and boldness to step out and do Your will without fear.

Scriptural Reading: Psalm 143:1-11

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